Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Nutshell of Infrequent Blogging

Why is it that I always think to update the blog before school starts? Maybe it’s because I am too busy during the school year trying to keep everything together. Or maybe it’s because I work all day and then work all night at the house. Then again, maybe it’s because I am exhausted from keeping up with my three boys. Yep, I’ll go with the last one.

Timothy got his open house postcard last night from school. Going to first grade is a big deal just ask him. He is very excited to start. Mrs. Vice is going to be his teacher. I know very little about the first grade teachers so the adventure of first grade will begin on August 15. I have been looking over the supple list and am a bit puzzled because there are no glue sticks on the list. This is going to be a problem for us. For those of you that know my Timothy, Elmer’s liquid school glue is not Timothy’s favorite thing. I have seen him have a major meltdown about glue. Yes, glue, you read that correctly. He says it feels weird and he is NOT going to use it. So, the practicing with liquid school glue has begun. The Minney house will be gluing instead of reading our three books to play his video games. I have decided it is very difficult to be 6.

Well, Tyler’s adventures are a bit simpler. He has started a new school. Tyler has been on the waiting list since September of 2010. We have started. He loves it. It reminds me so much of Oaklawn Baptist. We still miss Mrs. Debbie and Ms. Johnny. But nevertheless, we have found him a new place. There is no more crying pealing him off of me in the mornings. Tyler walks in like a big boy holding my hand, and when he gets to this classroom he sits down at the table to eat his breakfast. Then he turns around and says, “BYE MOM!” In his voice that sounds like he wants to tell me why are you still here, I got this, you are embarrassing me. Yep, that’s Tyler. Ryan and I have decided that he going to be my little jock. He loves to be outside. I hate that is too hot to go outside right now. At the new big boy school, that is what we are calling it because I told him that the last daycare he was at was the baby school because we were potty training. Now that we have the potty thing now we can go to big boy school. Anyways, they have the ozone colors on the wall. If the color is orange then they do not go outside. We go in everyday and Tyler has to check the color so he knows if he gets to go play outside.

The boys now have separate rooms and I think this was the best thing we did for the boys. They each have their own place to play and call their own. My sister and I never shared a room and liked being able to visit her in her room and then go back to mine when she would get mad at me. Brother love is a bit different. They don’t through each other out they just fight it out until one starts crying. I haven’t quite figured out all of the boy stuff yet.

Ryan is finally in the last year of school. Can I get a “Thank You Lord!”? I am so excited for him to be finished. No, really I am. I can’t wait for him to do something with all of this school stuff we have been doing for the last 7 years. Now, the prayers have switched focus to getting us through the last year and giving us direction on what to do next. Is it open a practice or find a job? Either way prayers are much needed and appreciated.

And, as for me, I am finding my way at the new job. It is great. Things have come together nicely. I feel I have accomplished important things that they disparately needed. The website is finished, the new brochures are finished and printed (they look amazing!), and our promotion items are innovated and new. Thanks to lots of contacts I have made over the years that made putting all of this together in the last 6 month possible. You know who you are. I would not have been able to keep sane without them. As for the boys club, something’s never change and you get use to wearing your heels and continuously surprising them.

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